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RESULTS from Connecticut's Junior Olympics held on March 4, 2017.

On March 4, 2017, the 2017 Connecticut Junior Olympics were held at the Ansonia Armory in Ansonia, Connecticut. All fighters won by decision last night with the results as follows:

JO 106 Open – Alex Perez – Boxing in Faith vs. Angel Morales – Bare Bones. Winner - Perez

JO 132 Open – Jon Carlos Torres – Whaling City vs. Alberto Bermudez – Boxing in Faith. Winner - Torres and he received the count in round 1.

JO 145 Open – Gianni Ferraiolo- Boing in Faith vs. Nate Loura – COBA. Winner - Loura

JO 145 Novice – Gabriel Ruz – Manchester ROC vs. Issac Hatcher – Boxing in Faith. Winner - Hatcher

JO Jason Zamor Ano-Hartford Boxing vs. Jensen Rodriguez – Hartford PAL Winner - Ano

NOVICE – Kenny Vincent – Montalvo Boxing vs. Jacob Rodriguez – Harford Boxing. Winner - Vincent

NOVCIE – Makenson Borjoun – Ortiz Boxing vs. Anthony Ferraiolo – Boxing in Faith. Winner - Ferraiolo

OPEN – Chris Rafael – Ortiz Boxing vs. Dedrj Montalvo – Montalvo Boxing. Winner - Rafael

NOVICE – Jean Pinero – Ortiz Boxing vs. Pedro Luna – Boxing in Faith. Winner - Luna

OPEN – C.J. Hernandez – Ortiz Boxing vs. Josh Foster – Boxing in Faith. Winner - Hernandez

Special Bouts:

NOVICE Alex Wong – Ortiz Boxing vs. Danny (Edward Ramos) – COBA. Winner - Wong

OPEN – Josh Orta – Old School Boxing vs. Anuel Rosa – Boxing in Faith (Special Bout). Winner Rosa

Additional photos can by found our our facebook page by clicking here.


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