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FISTIC FILMS GOOD ROUNDS BOXING NORTHEAST SERIES #5. Atthaphon Kaiya of Precision Boxing vs Danny P

StartFragmentRounds that win you fights: Danny Pang put together one of these impressive sessions in the third round of his 132 novice contest with Atthaphon Kaiya. Pang is still a novice after a few years boxing. He won a decision in the 2014 New England Golden Gloves and then lost a decision in the finals. According to his coach, Kaiya's amatuer record is 0-0, so Pang definitely had the experiential edge. Nevertheless, Kaiya looked pretty good and gave Pang a legitimate run for the money during the first two rounds. Of one good sock in the first round, Pang said, "I saw little white lights." Pang started really putting it together in the second, and here in the third, he goes to town. Hats off to Kaiya and his team, though. Kaiya will be fun to watch in the future. Pang in red jersey. Kaiya in black jersey.EndFragment

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