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Results from Western Mass Golden Gloves 1-20-17

January 21, 2017


Western New England Golden Gloves

Friday Quarter-Finals 1/20/17





141 lbs. - Alberto Pena -Worcester Boys Cluvs vs. Christian KuKush - Ortiz Boxing

Winner by SD – Pena.  4 judges to 1.


152 lbs. - Jordan Isham -West Point vs. Luis Rivera – Martinez Boxing

Winner by SD – Isham. 4 judges to 1.


165 lbs. – Moses Sun – West Point vs. Aaron Gray – Beat the Streets

Winner by SD-Gray.  3 judges to 2.  Sun had a bloody nose


178 Lbs. - Jonah Hershman - West Point vs. Charles Blackwell – EIR

Winner by SD - Blackwell


201 lbs. – James Pontius – West Point vs. Isaac Reyes – Whitley’s Boxing

Winner by SD – Reyes.  Pointius received the 8 count in round 3.  Reyes received the 8 count and ended up w/a bloody nose.


201 lbs. Christopher Bingham – West Point vs. Kevin McCormick – EIR boxing

Winner by SD – Bingham. 4 judges to 1.


201 + lbs. Spencer Welton – West Point vs. Justin Martin – Hartford Boxing

Winner by UD – Welton. Martin had about a 5 inch height difference




132 lbs. - Joshua Orta – Old School Boxing vs. Jacob “Lefty” Marrero – Ortiz Boxing

UGH This fight DIDN’T happen L


141 lbs. – Sill Pugliares – Bare Bones Boxing vs. Carlos Marrero – Martinez Boxing

Winner by SD - Marrero


152 lbs. – Colton Sterk – West Point vs. Luis Marrero – Hartford Boxing

Winner by TKO – Sterk.  Marrero couldn’t continue after the 1st round.


152 lbs. – Mike Garrett – West Point vs. Jalen Renaud – Bright Futures.

This fight didn’t happen.


152 lbs. – Ramon Caraballo – Beat the Streets vs. Christopher Rafael – Ortiz Boxing

Winner by UD - Caraballo


165 lbs. – Josh Mcindez – West Point vs. Trevor Lattimore – MWC Academy

Winner by UD - Lattimore


165 lbs. – Anders Freiberg – West Point vs. Deydri Montalvo – Montalvo’s Boxing

Winner by UD - Freiberg


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