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Garcia vs.Thurman Press Conf Quotes.

"This fight March 4 has two undefeated champions. Two of the best welterweights going toe-to-toe. Someone’s ‘0’ has to go." - Keith Thurman "Keith Thurman’s got this. Danny Garcia, you’re getting knocked out." - Keith Thurman

"He’s a champion and I’m a champion. You will see the results on March 4. I’m eager to unify these titles and this should be an exciting fight." - Keith Thurman "He’s dangerous but we believe I’m more dangerous. He hasn’t fought a true welterweight with punching power. I believe I’ll be the last man standing on March 4." - Keith Thurman "Come March 4, I’m going to be the unified champion again." - Danny Garcia "If I’m ready, nobody can stop me. We’re going to do what we always do. Put the hard work in, talk a little trash and back it up." - Danny Garcia "This is nothing new to me. I’ve been the underdog in a unification fight. At the end of the day, me and my father, Crazy Angel, we’re going to come out with a great game plan and get the victory. I will have my hand raised at the end of the night." - Danny Garcia "(Pointing to Thurman) He's a good fighter. (Pointing to Garcia) He's a great fighter. And, at the end of the day, two white boys and a fucking hippy not beating us." - Angel Garcia "He gonna f*ck you up." - Angel Garcia (This is when he is standing with the mic in his hand.)

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