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Results from Western New England Golden Gloves from 1-14-2017.

Saturday, January 14, 2017 - Preliminaries were held at Cedars Banquet Facility in Springfield, Massachusetts. The following NOVICE/OPEN class fighter(s) participated in the tournament and the results are as follows:


114 lbs - Jonathan Carrasco of Whitley’s boxing vs. Luis Aybar of Whaling City Boxing.

Winner by UD – Aybar

141 lbs - Alejando Paulino of Whaling City Boxing vs. Noah Dal Zovo of Asian Martial Arts.

Winner by TKO, round 2 at 1:05 Paulino. Dal Zovo received the 8 count twice in round 1. He also appeared to have a bloody nose.

141 lbs - Justin Dorek of West Point vs. Ivan Figueroa of Manchester ROC

Winner by UD - Figueroa

152 lbs - Luis Rivera of Hartford Boxing vs. Michael Kelly of Bare Bones

Winner by UD – Rivera

152 lbs - Angel Ortega of Bare Bones vs. Luis Aracena of Whaling City Boxing.

Winner by SD - Aracena

152 lbs - Kenrick Vincent of Montalvo Boxing vs. Jordan Isham of West Point.

Winner by TKO – Isham at 1:33. Vincent had gotten the 8 count twice in round 2.

165 lbs - Tallis Santos of Fit Club vs. Jose Colon of Hartford Boxing

Winner by TKO round 2 @ 1:55 Colon. Santos received the 8 count twice in round 2.

165 lbs - Moses Sun of West Point vs. Laurent Humes of Old School Boxing.

Winner by UD - Sun


141 lbs. Jose Maysonet of Hartford Boxing vs. Roberto Vega of Whaling City.

Winner by UD – Maysonet. Round 3, Vega received the 8 count.

*** Best fight of the nite ***

Lowell's Golden Gloves results will be posted as the come in.

The Western Mass Golden Gloves returns next Friday night, January 20 at Cedars Banquet Hall in Springfield, Massachusetts. Doors open at 6:00 pm.

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