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Chatman, The Man Ya Luv To Hate Gets KO’d by Gray.

What a main event local and well known fighter from Worcester, Mass., junior middleweight Khiary “Too Sharp” Gray put it all on the line tonight when he Ko’d Chatman in the 7th and he defended his Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) International and Northeast titles against Chicago's Chris “Last Chapter” Chatman. The 7 of 8 rounds were back n forth action with Gray landing the cleaner shots and picking his shots and Chatman being Chatman. Coming forward and backing up Gray while being very unpredictable and having fun in the ring. Round 4 Too Sharp lands a left hook on Chatman and Chatman got caught and gets the count. 10-8 round. Round 7 Khiary connects with Chatman on the chin with a right and Chatman goes down, tries to get back up but Chatman couldn’t stand at 1:17 on the round and is victorious by KO. Gray who out boxed Chatman increased to 14-1, 11 KOS and Chatman decreases to 14-6-1, 5 Kos.

Junior welterweights – 4 Rounds: Well-known Anthony Marsella Jr. of Providence, Rhode Island meets up against Philadelphia's Bardraiel Smith. Round 1 Marsella lands a right on Smith at .45 seconds into round 1 and that’s all she wrote. Smith wasn’t as busy as I’d like to see. Marsella increases to 2-0, 1 ko

Featherweights - 4 Rounds: Irvin Gonzalez Jr. of Worcester took on Cido Hoff of Providence, Rhode Island. And we got a fight. Both fighters coming out strong in round 1. Both fast hands, both not afraid to bang. Gonzalez dropped Hoff during the round. Right before the bell Gonzalez lands a right. Round 2 Hoff is taking a lot of punishment in the ring but what a fight. Hoff has a ton of heart. Joey Lupino called a halt to the fight at 1:59 in round 2. Gonzalez increases to 4-0, 4 Kos and Hoff 1-1-1.

Middleweights – 4 Rounds: Kendrick “Pepper” Ball Jr. of Worcester against Medford, Oregon's Rafael Valencia. Ball controlling the action, in the earlier rounds it wasn’t as busy as I’d like the fight to be. Round 3 Valencia landing some great shots on Ball. Head hunting. Ball lit up in round 4. Valencia ended up with a bloody nose. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 40-36 by UD. Ball increases to 4-0-1, 3 kos.

Super Middleweights – 4 Rounds: The pro debut of mma fighter Ben Peak of Shrewsbury, Mass Jose “Rated R” Rivera southpaw of Hartford, Conn. Round 1 both fighters were feeling each other out. Rivera the came in at 2:34 of round 1 and landed a right and dropped Peak to the canvas. Rivera got the KO. Rivera increases to 2-0 with 2 Kos and Peak 0-1.

Welterweights – 4 Rounds: Cristobal Marrero of New London, Connecticut went up against Woburn, Mass. Bruno Dias. Marrero with fast hands kept moving forward in the ring and was keeping Dias busy. Marrero who went to the body and Dias felt it, referee Johnny Callas giving Diaz the count. The bout continued and Marrero again went to the body. Diaz goes to one knee and Callas stopped the bout at 2:32 of round 1. Marrero wins by TKO and increases to 2-0, 2 Kos. Diaz decreases to 0-2.

Junior welterweights - 4 Rounds: Jonathan Figueroa of Hartford, Connecticut making his 2 fight a unanimous decision when he went up Isaiah Robinson of Durham, N.C. Figueroa was supposed to fight Philadelphia's Shavonte Dixon but … you know boxing. Jamaine Ortiz of Worcester was originally scheduled to fight Isaiah Robinson of Durham, N.C. but because of a weight difference the fight was a no go. Figueroa going to the body and working the jab. Figueroa the busier of the 2 fighters trying to open up. Robinson’s nose looks a bit red. After 4 rounds the judges scored the bout 40-36 all in favor of Figueroa. Figueroa increases to 2-0, 1 ko.

Promoter: CES

Hashtag #ChatmanGray

Venue: Twin River Casino

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