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"I’m expecting the flames of hell to be unleashed. I’m willing to get hurt for this victory.&qu

Chris Chatman

On October 21, 2016 at Twin River Casino, Lincoln, Rhode Island, CES will hold another pro Boxing card featuring as their main you’ll have Worcester’s own Khiary Gray (13-1-0, 10 Kos) defending his Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) international title and the UBF Northeast Junior Middleweight title when he meets up against veteran, Chris Chatman (14-5-1, 5 Kos) of Chicago, Illinois. Chatman is no stranger to this casino. He fought some tough battles and this will be no exception. Chatman is coming off of a win against Rhode Island’s Thomas Falowo (14-3-0, 8 Kos) and Gray’s last bout against Ian Green (9-1-0, 8 Kos), Gray lost by TKO.

Pattee Mak: How did this fight come about?

Chatman: This actually goes a few years back when I defeated Vlad [Vladine Biosse]. During the weigh in someone told me to watch out you might fight Khiary. I watched a couple of videos where I was offered to fight him but his camp said no, but Khiary knew I was coming for him. When I seen him it was more like, “Good luck on your fight”. But now the fight is coming along and I’m excited about it. Khiary has been spoon feed and he was caught with his first test and Khiary had a real challenge. We didn’t get to see what Khiary was made of. In the 2nd round he got caught and nothing wrong against him he just got caught. A bigger question mark, can Khiary win a big fight? The fans have been asking for this fight. I been tagged on facebook and have been asking Mike [Parente] for the fight. He needs to prove himself as a prospect. What bigger person to take down.

Pattee Mak: I spoke to a few people about this fight. The majority are saying that you are the stronger of the two fighters. What’s your take on this?

Chatman: It’s the truth. I’m definitely stronger and have more gas than Khiary. The original contract was for 10 rounds. Khiary or his camp asked for 8 rounds. We signed for 8. Either Khiary or his camp is doubting his ability 100%. Can’t do 10 but they can do 8. And everyone knows I can fight 10 rounds especially Thomas [Falowo]. Khiary’s gonna come out strong trying to win the earlier rounds instead of the later rounds.

Pattee Mak: Khiary’s Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) international title and the UBF Northeast Junior Middleweight is on the line. You know Gray isn’t going to want to give up his belts that easily especially after his last loss.

Chatman: I know he’s coming with something to prove. He’s coming to win but he’s not.

Pattee Mak: Any predictions:

Chatman: I’m gonna win. He’s gonna swing and miss and I’m gonna win this fight. I’m gonna win. Because one thing about me I’ll tire you out. I don’t get tired. It just gets worse and worse and worse as the rounds go on. Each round I step the level up and that’s why he wants to do 8 instead of 10 rounds. I’m too awkward and he’s gonna get frustrated.

Pattee Mak: What’s the contract weight for this fight?

Chatman: 154.

Pattee Mak: Do you think you’ll have a problem making weight?

Chatman: No not at all.

Pattee Mak: What is your weight right now?

Chatman: 163. I’m all mailman so I walk 10-15 miles a day. Making weight is not a problem with me.

Pattee Mak: Is there a rematch clause in the contract?

Chatman: No.

Pattee Mak: When are we going to see you defend your New England Middleweight title?

Chatman: I just started this job. I signed the contract before I started this job and they are letting me go get the title. I’m going to settle into this job and store up some more vacation days. Maybe spring or June next year. I want to take this winter off and get settled into this job.

Pattee Mak: The last time I saw you at Twin River you fought Thomas Falowo (14-3-0) and won by SD and obtained the USA New England middleweight title. Let’s chat about those facial expressions and the taunting. Why was this?

Chatman: Because that is Thomas and he is a really good guy. Thomas is a very smart fighter and I can get him out of his game. One thing as much as I love coming to New England, I love the fans. I’m never going to win them over but I come to win. I’m the bad guy. Everybody pays to watch me loose. I put on a big show. I’m good for New England, for Jimmy’s [Burchfield/CES] promotion. I’m the guy they want to lose. That’s why Jimmy signed me.

Pattee Mak: Would you say this would be one of the toughest fights for you at Twin or would it be when you fought Boo Boo [Demetrius Andrade (7-0-0)]?

Chatman: Na. Booo Boo wasn’t that hard for me. I thought I won that fight. I sent him to the hospital with a concussion. It wasn’t an easy fight for me. Boo Boo didn’t look like a winner after the fight. I can’t be mad at him for that. He went in there and boxed. Judges thought he won but I thought I won that fight. But Khiary I don’t think so. He’s fast with combinations. From what I’ve seen in his fights he catches his breathe with pity pat shots. The people he fights were bums. I’m not taking anything away from that. He got caught his last fight. We haven’t seen him fight for a victory. I fight for my victories and I win. Me fighting against Thomas. Both times I had to fight for this victory. I got knocked down and I got up and I won. It’s what happened. I know what to do and win in situations. We have yet to see him fight a fighter like me. I’m not saying he can’t do it I just saying we haven’t seen it. Maybe we’ll see him fight his heart out on the 21st but he’s not gonna know what to do with me. I’m gonna get inside of his head cause that’s what I do.

Pattee Mak: How do you rate Gray as an opponent?

Chatman: I rate him as a good opponent. There’s nothing easy about this fight. It won’t be an easy fight. I’m expecting the flames of hell to be unleashed. I’m willing to get hurt for this victory. I’m willing to take chances and risks to win. I don’t think Khiary has endurance but he’s very sharp and accurate and he has speed but how long can you keep that up and I’m gonna push him. It’s not gonna be like his other fights where the other guy runs around. Every second of every round. That’s why he asked for 8 instead of 10. He’s going to have to win the first 5 at least. I’m gonna push him to the point where he needs to say, “What am I’m gonna to do to win. What am I’m gonna to do to win. What am I’m gonna to do to win.” I already know what I already need to do to win.

Pattee Mak: Now that you are becoming a fixture in Rhode Island how are the local fans seeing you?

Chatman: It’s a good majority that like me about 20%. 80% just flat out hate me. I enjoy it. Either you love me or hate me you get a reaction from me. I pull that emotion out of them. I come and take their titles out of New England. They hate that but I appreciate them so much for coming to see me. I have to get reaction. I steal the show.

Pattee Mak: This main event will definitely bring some emotion to the table with all the fight fans. This is a fight I’m sure the fans want to see. I look forward to seeing you in action on the 21st. Thank you for this interview.

Chatman: Thank you.

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