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RESULTS!!! From Ortiz Boxing Gym - Park City Amateur Fight Night #10

[Ringside – Bridgeport, Connecticut] Results from Ortiz Boxing Gym 13th amateur boxing show entitled “Park City Amateur Fight Night #10” at the Cardinal Shehan Center, 1494 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604. As always great match making in the amateurs.


Elijah Milton – Born & Bred (NY) vs. Marcus Williams – Adirondack (NY)

Winner: Williams by UD

Jahcere Laboy – Adirondack (NY) vs. John Pianeiro – Ortiz Boxing

Winner: Laboy by UD

Joseph Chisholm – Stratford PAL vs. Christian Morales – Old School Boxing – (Mass)

Winner: Chisholm by UD

Jeremy Reyes – NY vs. Fadhl Alazzawi – Hartford Boxing

Winner: Reyes by UD

Derek Rivera – Whaling City vs. Abismael Ortiz – Hartford Pal

Winner: Rivera by UD

Elijah Garcia – World Wide (NY) vs. Adrian Nunez – Stratford PAL

Winner: Nunez by UD

Jamaliah Chisholm – Stratford PAL vs. Selena Lauth – World Wide (NY)

Winner: Lauth by UD

Jon Carlos Torres – Whaling City vs. John Leonardo – Brunswick Boxing (NJ)

Winner: Torres by UD

James Aquino – Martinez Boxing vs. Abdul Sebdai – Worcester PAL

Winner: Aquino by UD (Sebdai received the count in the 1st round)

Kevan Bonilla – Ortiz Boxing vs. Derek Cintron – World Wide Boxing (NY)

Winner: Bonilla by SD

Nathan Martinez – Martinez Boxing vs. Anthony Rosado – Worcester PAL

Winner: Martinez by UD (Rosado received the count in the 3rd round)

Luis Mendiola – Ortiz Boxing vs. Victor Cruz – Old School Boxing (NY)

Winner: Mendiola by UD (Cruz received the count in the 3rd round)

Terrace Williams – Revolution Fitness vs. Brandon Idrogo – Old School Boxing (NY)

Winner: Idrogo by UD

Cal Ashby – Born & Bred (NY) vs. Jonathan Cortez – Worcester PAL

Winner: Ashby by TKO round 1. Corner tossed in the white towel.

For fight, ringside and additional pictures click on Boxing Northeast facebook page here:

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