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Sunday 8-21 Shelly Vincent FINALLY Gets in the Squared Circle Against Heather Hardy. Bring on the H

Pattee Mak: This is a fight that all your fans along with your enemies have been wanting to see for quite some time now. How long have you been wanting to fight her? Over 2, 3 years? Vincent: Definitely over 4 years now. An yeah this the one EVERYONE wants. It's long overdue. Wish it would a happen sooner but the timing and circumstances are perfect. Pattee Mak: Timing is everything in life. At that time it seemed to me that Hardy had less ring experience than you. Now that Heather has been kept busy do you feel it’ll be more of a competitive fight? Vincent: Heather has way more experience than me always has. I only had 14 fights in the amateurs and never stayed in the gym due to my crazy childhood an mishaps. She turned pro a few months after I did. I just turned right after we won nationals. She waited a few months Pattee Mak: There's no if and or butts about this fight. You know that you have to be victorious after all the comments that were said and posted by you. Vincent: Heather has improved for sure which will make it a more competitive fight. An if they try to pull that robbery likes heads givin in the past the whole world will see. Pattee Mak: You are about two Weeks out. You just fought a tough fight on July 21st against Christina Ruiz. Is that giving you enough of time for your body to be in tip top shape for this match up? Vincent: I train hard always and we will be super ready. And it's for the WBC INT. We focused over here. Pattee Mak: There has been so much hype surrounding this fight previously. Do you feel this fight should have been scheduled a while ago? Vincent: Yeah definitely but the timing and opportunity is perfect and exactly what we needed as a whole for our sport and being women. This is the first ever female bout on PBC, so history is being made. And the first time since Laila Ali and Christy Martin. I'm glad I am one. A women chosen to represent the ladies. And that I did it Shelito's Way!!!! I ain't have to get half naked. I did it speaking my mind being true to myself, in a mask and straight jacket. Which symbolize bigger things. I had everyone tell me they'll never put you on. You look like a boy tatted from top to bottom. No one wants to see that, sex sells. Matter fact it was Suzy Taylor. An I'm like an you half naked an they still don't want to watch so you obviously ain't all that you think you are either. Lol an what type of example is that even for young woman. FUCK OTTA HERE!!!! Well look it here. The DiBella badass. The tatted brawler from New London by way a Providence got the big stage. Maybe just maybe it was for my morals and message to kids. Maybe it was my loud an lovable personality. Maybe it was all luck lol (never that) but it was the underdog.

Pattee Mak: Well I’m glad that you kept to your morals and you didn’t have to get half naked. It’s about respecting yourself. I’m very happy for you.

Pattee Mak: How did the fight finally come about? Vincent: DiBella was working on it. An fighting for TV and the time was just now. I was set to go to Bolivia for therapy but that had to get pushed back again. We lost a lot a money.

Pattee Mak: That’s right. I remember you mentioning that to me. Pattee Mak: Talk to me sista. TV!!! This is soooo exciting. Vincent: Yeah PBC on NBC. This is what Heather and I and Lou all been fighting for. Pattee Mak: Have you heard anything from her camp or her fans regarding this fight? Vincent: Man the fans are straight bahnoodles. I've been threatened to be shot. Called everything under the sun. Mine going in also but not like hers trying to dusted it me for everything I'm about. Aye F it its just more fuel for the fire. Things def "HEATING" all the way up. So lol TURN DOWN FOR WHAT??? It's all part a the game I guess. Pattee Mak: What do you want to say to Heather? Vincent: Nothing now it's time to enter the Devils den. We about to see how HEATY she really is. Pattee Mak: Will you be doing anything crazy at the weigh in? LOL – Sorry I have to ask. Vincent: Hummmm guess you'll just have to be there.

Pattee Mak: LOL – You ruin all my fun. I’m sure the day of the weigh in you will have something to write home about…. Make sure you tag me on facebook. :)

Pattee Mak: Thanks so much on the interview and before I forget… Congrats on your engagement. Vincent: Thank you for the time and on the engagement. I found my soulmate. I found that void that I been looking for since I lost my mother. I found my other half. She lifted this sadness I had in me. You all seen that. Shit she even subsided some of my demons. And I think my mother will rest easier now an stop flipping over in her grave. Worrying about me. I know she up their smiling. Maybe I won't make it big mamma but I MADE IT OUT. I did everything I promised I would on the side a your dying bed. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU.

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