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Delvin Rodriguez Wins by UD; Michael McLaughlin is the NEW New England Middleweight Champ; Chip Pere

[Uncasville, Connecticut] - Middleweights Delvin Rodriguez of Danbury, Connecticut fought a tough 10 round against Brooklyn’s Shawn “Killa” Cameron (10-1 5 KOs). Rodriguez who at first was having a hard time making weight showed up while Cameron was eating some punches and getting caught. Cameron working the body and landed some great shots but in the eyes of the judges it wasn’t enough for the busier fighter of Rodriguez. By the 5th Cameron was tiring out and loosing this fight. The 6th round was the best round for Cameron but it wasn’t enough. This was a Delvin fight. Judges scored the bout 96-94; 96-94 and 97-93 in favor of Rodriguez. Rodriguez increases to 29-8-4 16kos and Shawn Cameron decreases to 10-2 5 kos.

Super Lightweights – 6 Rounds - Scott “Bang Bang” Burrell of Brooklyn, NY vs. local “Chip” Perez from Holyoke, Massachusetts. Burrell jabbin his was way thru the 1st round and continuously thru the fight. The first round started off slow. Both fighters feeling out their opponent. Perez slipping punches well. Round 2 Chip working his way in to the body and bobbing and weaving with great head movement. Chips gets caught with a right and gets the count. Perez landed some great shots but didn’t always follow thru. After 6 rounds the judges scored the bout 59-54; 60-53; 60-53 in favor of Burrell. Burrell increases to 12-2, 8 Kos and Perez decreased to 12-4-2, 4 Kos.

REMATCH! - Welterweights – 8 Rounds - Boston's southpaw, Michael McLaughlin took on Norwalk, Connecticut’s Shaka Moore. Moore showing great defense. A slow paced fight with little engaging that went the distance. McLaughlin worked Moore continuously and landed some great right hooks. Round 6 Moore gets the count by ref Michael Ortega. Judges the scored the bout 79-73; 79-72; 79-72 by UD and the NEW New England Welterweight champ. The first fight was on 3-19-206 and the fought was declared a no contest. McLaughlin advances to 12-1-1 and Moore decreases to 12-22-3.

Super Welterweights – 4 Rounds Pro debut Jose “Rated R” Rivera was originally scheduled to fight “Jabbin” Joe Wilson but because of a hand injury Saul Almeida of Boston took Wilson’s place at the last minute. Almeida kept switching from Orthodox to southpaw. Right before the end of the 1st round Rivera lands a great left on Almeida and he gets the count. Almeida already has a cut above his eye. Round 3 Rivera backed up Almeida and thrown left and rights and Almeida didn’t do much to defend himself. Referee Danny Schiavone stopped the bout at 2:03 of Round 3 by TKO.

Other bouts of the nite:

Light heavyweights Joel De La Paz of Atlantic City, NJ vs. Naim Terbunja of Medford, Quick fight… Terbunja lands a right on De La Paz after setting up the jab and that was it at 1:26 of round 1. Terbunja gets the KO victory.

The amateurs started off the nite

Sharad Collier of Hartford Boxing


Denzel Whitley of Whitley’s Boxing

Whitley gets the 8 county in round 3

Winner by decision - Collier

Debby Basora of Hartford Boxing


Taylor Smith - Whitley’s Boxing

Winner by decision Basora

Promoter: Star Boxing

Venue: Mohegan Sun Arena

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