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Chatman Clowns Around in the Ring and Wins by Split Decision and is the NEW New England Middleweight

[Ringside - PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island] With the main event switching from light heavyweights Angel Camacho Jr. (15-0-0) being unable to fight due to another injury, shoulder now. He was originally going to go up against Kevin Cobbs (10-2-0). We have rematch with Providence’s Thomas “Souljah” Falowo battling it out against Chris Chatman of Jersey City, NJ, 8 rounds for the New England Middleweight Title. The original bout was on July 27, 2013 at Twin River Casino as well.

As Chatman walked to the ring of the tune of Batman Boo’s were the majority coming from the crowd. As the bout started both fighters going to the body while coming in and jabbing. By round 2 Chatman becomes a comedian in the ring which frustrates Falowo. In between rounds they played the Chicken Dance. (I personally never heard a DJ play that particular song during at a fight). In the 3rd, Falowo had a cut near his eye due to a head-butt. We had some clinching from time to time. The first fight was definitely busier than this fight. We had no knockdowns and after the 8 rounds the judges scored it 78-74 for Chatman; 78-74 Falowo and 78-74 for Chatman.

Back in 2013, Chatman won the unanimous decision with all three judges scoring it 77-75.

Co-Main: Females:

Kali Reis of Providence, R.I. vs. Althea Saunders of Atlantic City, N.J. 8 Rounds. Reis busier of the two fighters kept coming forward and controlled the action. While Saunders looked exhausted and didn’t have too much power to her punches. By round 8, the final round, both fighters exchanged punches, was the busiest round but all in all not too busy. No knock downs. Judges scored the bout 79-73; 80-72 and 80-72 all for Reis by UD. Reis advances to 10-5-1 and Saunders 3-3-2.

During the event CES inducted Rich Gingras as this year’s Ring of Honor Ceremony inductee.

TITLE FIGHT. 6 Rounds for the New England Super Lightweight Title. Nick DeLomba of Cranston, R.I. vs. Oscar Bonilla of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Bonilla wanted to fight the winner of the DeLomba vs. Sanchez bout last May but didn’t get the victory tonight. Round 1 Bonilla coming on strong. Doesn’t’ give DeLomba a moment to breathe. DeLomba’s face is getting red. Bonilla looks great in the ring. Round 2 DeLomba has a cut on the side of his right eye. By round 3 Bonilla slowing down his pace. Bonilla eating some punches now. During the bout Bonilla keeps going for the overhead right wanting the KO. All 3 Judges scored the bout in favor of DeLomba 58-56 by UD and DeLomba keeps his title. DeLomba advances to 10-1 and Bonilla decreases to 3-2-2.

4 Round Fights:

Lightweights: Jamaine Ortiz of Worcester, MA vs. Kimmy St-Pierre of St-Georges, Quebec. St-Pierre started off slow in the fight but then picked up the pace. St-Pierre’s stance seems a bit too straight. Round 2 Ortiz drops St-Pierre right below the belt. By round 3 St-Pierre was taking too much punishment from Ortiz. Ortiz lands a shot to the body. St-Pierre goes down and referee Eddie Claudio stops the bout. Ortiz gets the TKO victory and advances to 2-0.

Welterweights: Roosevelt Archie of Turtle Creek, Pa vs. Pro Debut Cristobal Marrero of New London, CT. Marrero has a successful 1st round as he went to the body with a left and that was it. Referee Eddie Claudio stopped the bout at 1:05.

Junior middleweights: Ray Oliveira Jr. of New Bedford, MA vs. Andy Gonzalez of Worcester, MA. This should be called the “Slug Fest Bout”. Both fighters were busy throughout the fight while fighting in the pocket. Not too much defense just a bunch of punching and landing. Ray Oliveira, Jr’s dad, Ray Oliveira did not work the corner. Judges scored the bout 38-38; 39-37; 39-37 all in favor of Oliveira by majority decision.

Middleweights: Kendrick Ball Jr. of Worcester, MA vs. pro debut Bruno Dias of Woburn, MA. Ball being the taller of the two was controlling the bout. Dias goes down in the 2nd from a left then a right. Ball continues moving forward and digging into the body. Dias goes down again to one knee. Dias looks tired. Ball continues with lefts and rights. Dias isn’t doing much and goes to one knee. Referee Johnny Callas calls a halt to the bout at 1:56 of round 2. Ball advances by TKO to 2-0.

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