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Results from Danbury's Amateur Boxing Show presented by Champs Boxing Club.

[Danbury, Connecticut] Champs Boxing Club presents “Summers Sizziler”. A total of 14 amateur bouts were held last night at the Danbury War Memorial. My favorite bout of the nite was Omar Bordoy vs. Sharad Collier. I was disappointed that Bordoy didn’t do more but congrats on Collier’s victory decision.

Pee Wee - Karon Evans – Boxing in Faith vs. Angel Flores Ruiz - Universal Boxing

Winner: EVANS

141 – Lucas Costa - Ct Kickboxing vs. Garrett Edgeworth – Fighting Fitness

Winner: Costa. (Edgeworth received the 8 count once in round 1, 2 and 3)

152 – Michael Gonzalez – Universal Boxing vs. Chris Rafael – Ortiz Boxing

Winner: Rafael

152 – Females – Sarah Bell – Champs vs. Jennifer Diggs – S.E.T. Gym

Winner: Bell (Diggs received the 8 count twice in round 2 and once in round 3)

141 – Warren Macko – Champs vs. Luis Garcia – Rivera –Boxing in Faith

Winner: Garcia – Rivera. (During round 1, Macko was dropped to the canvas and Macko received the 8 count twice in round 3, ref stopped the bout)

123 - Anthony Hulse – Champs vs. Jean Pineiro – Ortiz Boxing

Winner: Pineiro. Hulse was dropped to the canvas during round 1. Doctor ok’d the bout to continue. Round 2 referee stopped the bout.

152 – Luis Rivera – Hartford Boxing vs. Christopher Montes – Boxing in Faith

Winner: Rivera

132- CJ Hernandez – Ortiz Boxing vs. Alberto Bermudez – Boxing in Faith

Winner: Hernandez

141 – Omar Bordoy – Champs vs. Sharad Collier – Hartford Boxing

Winner: Collier

(** Pattee Mak’s Fight of the Nite)

165 – Ali Feliz – Champs vs. Edwin Romero – Boxing in Faith

Winner: Feliz (1 point deducted against Romero – Round 2)

141 – Cirino Castillo – Champs vs. Mark Vazquez – Hartford Boxing

Winner: Vazquez

152 – Armando Alba – Champs vs. Dondre Taylor – Hartford Boxing

Winner: Alba (Taylor had a bad bloody nose)

152 – Rauf Tahir – Champs vs. Ray Caraballo – Beat the Streets

Winner: Caraballo by TKO 1st round

200+ - Fernely Feliz, Jr. – Champs vs. Storm Durfee – Ring of Peace (RI)

Winner: Feliz – 1st Round TKO

There were also a few pro’s on hand, Delvin Rodriguez who will be fighting in a few weeks against Shawn “Killa” Cameron at Mohegan Sun on July 23, 2016 and Oscar Bonilla who will be fighting for the USA New England super lightweight title against Nick “Nice” Delomba at Twin River on July 15.

For additional pics CLICK HERE on Boxing Northeast facebook page.

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