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RESULTS: Hartford Boxing Amateur Show "Rumble in the Capital"

Hartford Boxing presented “Rumble in the Capital”. 14 scheduled bouts. Omar Bordoy from Champs gym received the boxer of the night award and I second that award. Only 13 bouts took place. The results are as follows:

Christopher Cruz – Stratford PAL vs. Jacob Diaz – Hartford Boxing. WINNER CRUZ

Trevor Dudis – Southshore vs. Anthony Diaz - Hartford Boxing. WINNER DIAZ. Dudis in round 1 and 2 received the count by the ref.

Taylor Smith – Whitley's Boxing vs. Kristen Sinicrope - Hartford Boxing. WINNER SMITH. Sinicrope in round 3 received the count twice by the ref.

Denzel Whitley –Whitley's Boxing vs. Omar Bordoy – Champs Boxing. WINNER BORDOY.

Abismael Ortiz – Hartford Pal vs. Derek River – Montavlo Boxing. WINNER RIVERA

Paul Hedin – Southshore vs. Luis Castillo - Hartford Boxing. WINNER CASTILLO

Reginald Laporte – Whitleys Boxing vs. Jalen Renaud – South End Comm. Ctr. WINNER RENAUD

Carlos Castillo – Whitleys Boxing vs. Sergio Lira - Hartford Boxing. WINNER LIRA

Carlos Marrero – Martinez Boxing vs. Jonathan Depina – Peter Welch – WINNER MARRERO

Shawn Beach – Whitley’s Boxing vs. Carlos Acosta - Hartford Boxing. WINNER BEACH

Joseph Chisholms – Stratford Pal vs. Jose Gonzalez - Hartford Boxing. WINNER CHISHOLMS

Kevin Fletcher – Rude Dog vs. Victor Medina - Hartford Boxing. WINNER MEDINA. Fletcher was cut under the left eye.

Kelvin Cruz, Jr. – Stratford PAL vs. Fadhal Alazzawi - Hartford Boxing – WINNER ALAZZAWI

Calixto Cruz – Cruz Gym vs. Nathan Martinez – Martinez Boxing – Cruz left the venue before the fight. WINNER MARTINEZ


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