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DeLuca Wins By UD and Vendetti Becomes the New England Jr Middleweight Champ on the Murphys Boxing C

8 Rounds Middleweights Main Event:

Mark DeLuca of Whitman, Massachusetts vs Salim Larbi of New York, New York. This is DeLuca’s first fight since his injury. Round 1 DeLuca lands a great body shot. In the middle of the round DeLuca has a cut over the left eye. Hector Bermudez did a great job attending to his cut(s). Throughout the bout, DeLuca controlling the action, changing from southpaw to orthodox. Both opponents going to the body. Both looked in great condition and in fighting shape. Judges scored the bout 79-73; 79-73; 80-71 by UD, DeLuca.

De Luca advances to 21-5-2, ko’s and Larbi goes the over way to 20-6-2

Co-Main: 8 Rounds for the New England Jr Middleweight Title

Greg Vendetti of Stoneham, Ma vs Malik “The Freak” Jackson of Newark, New Jersey. Vendetti brought his massive fan base. Round 1 both fighters feeling each other out with good head movement from each. Vendetti finishes the round looking strong. Round 3 Jackson gets dropped in the 3rd. Vendetti is looking great in this matchup and landing some hard shots. Round 4 Vendetti wearing down Jackson. Round 6 The Freak is one tuff opponent. Round 7 The pace is slowing down. Vendetti going to the body and the head. Definitely a great bout. Judges scored the bout all in favor of Vendetti, 80-71, 80-71; 80-71 by UD.

6 Rounds Cruiserweights

Charles Foster who recently signed a promotional contract with Murphy’s Boxing of New Haven, Ct vs Jose Humberto Corral of Sonora, Mexico. Round 1 Corral exchanging words in the ring to Foster to engage. Mostly 1 punch no combinations. Round 2, Foster coming forward, working the body. Corral going around Foster in a circle. Corral seems like he’s losing his own balance at times. Round 4, Corral was deducted 1 point for holding. At the end of round 4 Corral was taking too much punishment from Foster and retired in the corner before the 5th round bell. Foster gets the TKO victory.

6 Rounds Light Heavyweights

Stevie Collins, Jr of Dublin, Ireland vs. mma fighter and kick boxer Ralph “Killa” Johnson of Worcester, Massachusetts. Round 1 Ormond lands a right on Johnson and he goes to his knees. There is a big height difference between the 2 fighters. Round 2, Johnson appears to have injured his right hand. Johnson goes down to the canvas due to a body shot. Johnson switching stances throughout the bout. Ormond wins by TKO at 2:39 ref called a halt to bout.

8 Rounds Welterweights (Females)

Aleksandra Magdziak Lopes of Marshfield, MA vs Christina Campfort of Tampa, FL Lopes landed some good shots but needed more power to her punch. No knockdowns in this match. Just back and forth action with Lopes controlling the fight. Judges scored the bout 79-73; 79-73; 80-72 all for Lopes by UD.

4 Rounds Lightweights

Timmy Ramos of Framingham, Massachusetts vs. Emmanuel Valadez of Douglas, Az. Round 1 Ramos drops Valadez for the count left/right combinations. Valadez is trying to open up Ramos but his defense is too good. Valadez has a bloody nose. Round 2 at 1:23 Ramos backs up Valadez against the ropes lands body/head combinations and the ref looks the other way and Valadez drops literally to the canvas. Referee Leo Gerstel stops the bout. Winner Ramos by KO.

4 Rounds Middleweights

Godson Noel of Newark, New Jersey vs. Lino Chavez of Brockton, MA. Not a busy 1st round. Round 2 both fighters picked up the pace. Noel going to the body and landing a great right hook. Both fighters exchanged punches for the remaining rounds. Judges scored the bout 40-36 Noel; 39-37 Chavez; 38-38. Therefore it was judged as a draw.

Promotor: Murphys Boxing

Venue: Memorial Hall

Event: Memorial Series III

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