[Providence, Rhode Island] You know I was looking forward to this fight. UGHHhhhhhhh!!!! This was going to be an exciting main event. Angel Camacho, Jr. (15-0-0, 5 Ko’s) of Providence, Rhode Island was scheduled to take on “The Pride of Providence” Peter Manfredo, Jr. ( 40-7-0) also of Providence, Rhode Island on Friday, May 13, 2016 on a CES pro boxing card at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island.

Pattee Mak: What the heck happened?

Camacho: I was running through the park something was coming out of ground and there was a lady in front of me that I needed to go around. I looked up for a second and then my foot slipped and in a second I stepped on a root, and I thought I twisted my ankle. I started walking it off and actually I started limping. I then tried to get a full stride and I got a terrible pain in my leg. It’s funny because I had the nikey run app on. It changed from green to red when I started walking. I thought it was probably strained really bad. I got home and iced it. It was extremely swollen.

I knew my foot wasn’t doing well so I ended up in the ER at Kent Hospital. All along I thought it was my ankle and a bad strain but it was the top of my left foot. The 5th metatarsal bone was broken. The hospital ran x-rays. They said when my angle rolled it pulled away from the bone and it broke it in half. The doctor said it was broken. The doctor said I would be out for about 3 months. He had to mobilize it in a hard cast and then I would be in a walking cast. There is NO chance that I can fight with a broken foot. That’s my whole game. Stick and moving.

I was devastated and went through so many emotions. I trained and trained accordingly. Different styles we trained for it. Everything was perfect. I didn’t back out of the fight. I was humble about the opportunely to fight Peter. I was well prepared for this fight. For the last 2 weeks we were sharpening up and then just pad work. I was running in the morning. Three miles in the morning and three miles at night. Monday I had a great session and at night a good run. When I got two miles in I broke my foot.

Right now I’m in a hard cast immobilized and I can walk on my heals. I have to wear it for 4 weeks.

Pattee Mak: When can you start training?

Camacho: I’m already in the gym. I can do anything I can do without standing up. Pushups. Whatever I can. I can sit on a stool and punch whatever I can. I‘ll still be on my diet and taking my supplements.

Pattee Mak: Would you still fight him [Manfredo] in the future?

Camacho: Yes. I would love the opportunity again to fight Peter. It’s disappointing that I’m not fighting. It’s the best camp I ever had. It’s devastating to me and crushes me. I want to get in the ring with this kid. This fight needs to happen and it should happen.

Pattee Mak: Yes I’m sure a lot of people would love to see this fight happen. I pray you have a speedy recovery and get that foot back 100%.

Camacho: Thank you Pattee.

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