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New IBF Int’l Heavyweight Champ Alexis Santos KO’s Daniel Martz up in Salem, New Hampshire

Alexis Santos Boxing

(Salem, New Hampshire – Ringside by Pattee Mak) Lawrence, Massachusetts Alexis Santos brought his fan base with him during the main event when he won by KO in the 7th round during the scheduled 10 rounds at 2:02 against Clarksburg, West Virginia’s Daniel Martz when he didn’t get up from the 10 count.

This was a rematch. If you recalled the initial fight took place on May 6, 2014 when Santos suffered a knee injury in the ring and a loss in the ring while they were fighting for the vacant NABF Junior heavyweight title.

What a big fan base for Santos. Both fighters are talking sh*t to each other. Santos landing cleaner shots but it was an unappealing first round but Santos wins it in my eyes. Same start to second round holding by Martz, Santos trying to flurry another boring chase for Santos throughout the round. Same scenario throughout the 3rd talking sh*t holding by the Martz, Santos can’t land anything big. Martz is terrible just holding and landing one or two in the round. Santos on the chase. Round 5, Santos comes out winging shots trying to be explosive but Martz doing nothing but holding. Round 6, Santos comes out of the corner full force ahead. A lot of clinching throughout the fight. Santos continues with the overhand rights. Fantastic round for Santos who landed some great body shots. Martz is getting tired. Round 7 Martz slowing down not too much power to his punches. Santos lands a left, right, hook and drives Martz to the canvas. Ref Steve Smoger stops the bout after the count of 10. It’s over at 2:02 of the 7th round.

Santos increases to 16-1-0, 14 Kos and Daniel Martz decreases to 14-4-1, 11 Kos.

Co-Main Event:

Featherweights – 8 Rounds. Josh Crespo of New Haven, Connecticut fought against Jay Z's Rock Sports Nation fighter Luis Orlando del Valle (20-2-0) (No Jay Z was not on hand). Round 1 Orlando Del Valle controlling the bout. Round 2 Orlando lands a right cross on Crespo and he goes down to the canvas. Crespo gets up and was extremely wobbly. Referee continues the bout, Orlando del Valle presses on and the head trainer, Brian Clark had seen enough, waves his hands while standing on the mat. The referee called a halt to the bout at 2:17 of round 2, and Orlando de Valle wins by TKO and increases his record to 21-2-0 and Crespo decreases to 6-3-3.

SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHT (6 Rounds): Borngod Washington from Queens, New York vs. Russell Lamour from Portland, Maine. Lamour controlling the majority of round 1 until Washington came in and rocked Washington against the ropes almost knocking him out. Round 2 Lamour backing up Washington against the ropes landing lefts and rights, Lamour dropping Washington and he gets the count and was saved by the bell. Round 3 Lamour again backing up Washington against the ropes, drops Washington. Referee Steve Smoger calls a halt to the bout at 1:38 of round 3.

LIGHTWEIGHTS (4 Rounds) Paul DeSouza of Somerville, MA vs. East Hartford’s Joseph “Chip” Perez. No one doing much of anything during round 1 except DeSouza circling around Perez. Perez knocks down DeSouza and thankfully DeSouza made it out of round 1. Round 2 flurrys from both but no one connected with anything and DeSouza claimed a low blow back to no action, another stoppage by Perez who did not hit him with much of anything during round 2. Perez wins at.46 seconds.

MIDDLEWEIGHTS (4 Rounds) Jason Kelly of Dorchester, MA vs Casey Kramlich of Portland, Maine. Casey continuing backing up Kelly against the ropes during round 1 and 2, finally dropped Kelly for the count during round 2. Kelly retired at the corner and Casey wins by TKO.

SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHT (4 Rounds): Greg Thomas of Philadelphia, PA vs Pro Debut “King” Jaba Khositashvili. Right hook to the body during round 1 Thomas goes to one knee and gets the count. Thomas goes down by a left hook gets the count and Jaba continues to connect with a left and the ref stops the bout at 1:37 Jaba wins by TKO.

As a special treat after the fights on a live simulcast the Pacquiao/Bradley fight was shown live.

Venue: Rockingham Park

Promoter: Big Six Entertainment

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