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King's Promotions signs undefeated Super Middleweight Devar Ferhedi

READING, PA (March 24, 2016)--Marshall Kauffman's King's Promotions is proud to announce the signing of undefeated super middleweight Devar Ferhadi.

Ferhadi of Frederick, Maryland was born in Iraq, and has amassed a perfect mark of 6-0 with five knockouts. Ferhadi maybe one of the unique stories in the sport as he spends about eight months out of the year as a third year medical student in Kurdastad, Iraq.

"I look to get into General Medicine and then possibly Neurology or Emergency medicine," said Ferhardi about his medical studies.

"I am happy to sign someone who understands my situation that I am only here in the United States during March/April and July/August."

The 21 year-old began fighting at age 14 and went 10-2. He lost in an Olympic qualifying tournament.

He started coming to the United States and his whole family still resides in Iraq.

"My parents came here under the dictatorship. Kurdastad is an ally to the United States. The have been some scary moments, but I do not have any concerns about safety."

It is difficult for the young Ferhadi to get good training while he is in school so far away.

"When I am over there in Iraq, I mostly can do fitness and conditioning. I can do some things that help me with my technical ability."

Said King's Promotions, Marshall Kauffman, "Devar is a very good prospect and he more than holds his own with the great fighters in the D.C. area in the gym. I want to thank Ross Molovinsky in making this happen for King's Promotions. Devar has an amazing story and he can really fight, so we believe that he has a great upside to do major things in the sport."

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