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“Against the Ropes” – The Script of Robert Mancini & Some Known Local Boxers Are On Board

For those of you that have met Robert Mancini you can never judge a book by its cover. He’s a talk-a-holic like myself, loves the sport of boxing and yes everyone has a past but his past is coming alive in a script. A little bit about the history of Mancini. He’s a past Celebrity Boxer on some of Damon Feldman’s cards, boxed in a wrestling ring against actor and indy wrestler Chris Envy, was a Town of West Springfield City Official, was awarded numerous recognition awards and now you can add actor to his resume. Which leads me to the script of “Against the Ropes”. Professional Boxer out of Rhode Island, Keith Kozlin (7-3-1) will be playing Mancini as an adult. The boxing gym scenes will be on location at Old School Boxing Gym in Agawam, Massachusetts. (For more information on the gym, CLICK HERE). According to Mancini, actress Ann Flynn Dickinson will be playing the mother of Robert, Rose Mancini, actress Allie Marshall is on board AND I even heard myself, Pattee Mak “Photographer to the Stars” and boxing journalist will be in a few scenes. I’m excited as well as few other people involved. Mancini: This script has been overwhelming for me. A lot of people are on board, I have Kozlan as my main actor, my son is playing me as a child, I’m going to toss you in the mix. You’ll like your part, [actress] Ann Dickinson is playing Rose, my mother. Since I have met Ann I have met a lot of people and she has opened doors for me. Once this movie is out it will shock a lot of people. It not only talks about my life as an amateur boxer but depicts my past life that not many people are aware of about me. They only see the happy go lucky Bean.

Keith Kozlin: Mancini has boxing in his blood and so don’t I. I’m honored to be one of the featured actors in his film. He has been there for me in the past and I’m glad I can be there for him.

Old School Boxing Gym – Pro Boxer Jose “Yayo” Ortiz Owner: I have known Mancini for a

few years, he’s trained at our gym, helped me out with some amateur shows and I’m glad that we could help him shot scenes for his movie at our gym.

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