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A lot of Towel Tossing, Blood Dropping and Titles Held High on the Murphys Boxing St. Patrick’s Clas

Murphys Boxing knows how to put on a show. Not only boxing but …for those of you who don’t know Murphys Boxing is Ken Casey who is the lead member of the Drop Kick Murphys. Right after the co-main they performed an acoustic set before Stephen Ormond of Dublin, Ireland took on Marcos Leonardo Jimemez from San Juan, PR for the IBF Intercontinental Lightweight Championship.

The opening round and 2nd was not too busy. Both fighters feeling each other out. Ormond trying to connect and Jimemez showing his defense while keeping his guard up. By round 3 they are closing in the gaps. Round 4 was a great round for Ormond. Landing hooks. Jimemez doesn’t appear to be into this fight. I’m a bit disappointed in Jimemez performance. Ormond closing in the gaps on Jimemez and applying pressure while backing him up. Ormond can’t seem to get the knockdown and he clearly out boxed him in every round.

After 10 rounds all 3 judges scored the bout 100-90 for Ormond and he’s awarded the IBF title. Ormond increases to 21-2 and Jimemez decreases to 21-7.

Co- Main Event - 8 Rounds for the New England Lightweight Title. Carlos Caldelerio of Lawrence, Massachusetts vs Matt Doherty of Salem, Massachusetts. During round 1 Caldelerio already has a cut between both eyes. Round 3 Caldelerio is feeling more comfortable and busier in this round. For the most part this was a very competitive fight, back and forth action along with blood dripping down Caldererio’s face. Judges scored the bout 3x - 78-74 for Caldelerio’s winning by UD.

Caldelerio increases to 7-1 and Doherty decreases to 4-2-1

Other Bouts:

Welterweights: 8 Rounds for the New England Welterweight Title. Michael McLaughlin of Dorchester, MA vs veteran Shakha Moore of Meriden, CT. Round 1 started off early with a head butt. Moore having great defense and parrying a bit. Round 4 another head butt, the doctor stopped the bout for an accidental head clash over McLaughlin’s eye, it was declared a no contest since the bout didn’t go 4 rounds and beyond.

Junior featherweights – 10 Rounds for the PABA Jr Featherweight Title. TJ Doheny of Sydney, Australia vs Gerardo Marin Hernandez of Toreon, Mexico. Doheny knocked down Hernandez with a left hook during round 2. Hernandez has a cut near his right eye. Per the doctor’s request, ref stopped the bout at 1:40 of round 5. Doheny successful by TKO.

Junior Middleweights - 6 Rounds: Greg Vendetti of Stoneham, Mass vs. Hartford, Connecticut’s Joe Wilson, Jr. During round 1 within a few seconds into the round, heads collide, Wilson then gets the count by the referee, ugh. Vendetti continuing backing up Wilson against the ropes. Going to body/head combinations. Wilson down 2x in round 3. Round 4 Wilson goes down a 4th time, his corner tossed in the towel. Ref called a halt to the fight at .17. Vendetti wins by TKO.

Cruiserweights – 4 Rounds: Steve Collins, Jr of Dublin, Ireland vs. Tyrell Bates of Providence, RI. During round 1 Collins moving forward and what appears Collins landing to the head of Bates, Bates dropped to his knee and the referee stopped the bout at 1.11. Collins wins by TKO.

Welterweights – 6 Rounds: Southpaw Cody “The Crippler” Crowley of Ontario, Canada vs. Antonio “Lino” Chavez Fernandez of Brockton, Massachusetts. Lino who is always ready to fight anyone wasn’t too successful tonight. Crowley was a bit more aggressive than Lino and a bit busier. 60-54 3x Crowley winner by UD.

Heavyweight – 4 Rounds: Niall Kennedy of Wexford, Ireland vs. Arthur Saribekian of Providence, RI. This was like a back yard brawl. Saribekian … how old is he? Round 1 started off with both men exchanging punches then Kennedy readjusted and was controlling the bout with combinations. At 2:00 of round 1 ref stopped the bout after Saribekian’s corner thru in the towel.

Heavyweights – 4 Rounds: JP Augustine of Providence, Rhode Island vs Christopher Boykins of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Boykins came into the ring not so tight around his midsection. By the end of the bout both fighters were exhausted. Not too much of excitement during each round. No knock downs. Augustine wins by UD 40-36 3x.

Venue: House of Blues – Boston, Massachusetts in front of a sold out crowd

Promoter: Murphys Boxing

Event: St. Patrick’s Clash

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