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Gray-Pitts Doesn’t get the Knockdown but wins by UD.

[Friday, February 19, 2016 – Providence, Rhode Island] Unbeaten and STAYS UNBEATEN is junior middleweight Khiary Gray-Pitts of Worcester, Massachusetts who successfully won the Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) International Junior Middleweight Title that went the distance after 10 rounds against Eduardo Flores of Ecuador. For the majority of the bout Gray-Pitts continued working the body head combinations while Flores kept going for the overhand right with little head movement from Flores. Flores at times hitting Gray-Pitts behind the head but at no time was a point deducted. In round 4 Flores claims he was hit below the belt. Gray toying with Flores from time to time. Gray-Pitts can’t seem to knock him down and I can’t remember the last time he went past 4 rounds in a fight.

Gray originally was scheduled to face Cameron Rivera for the vacant World Boxing Council (WBC) Youth Title but due to a fractured his wrist this bout was cancelled.

Gray increased his record to 12-0-0, 9 Kos and Flores decreases to 23-20-3, 15 Kos.

Co-Main Event – Scheduled 10 Rounds

Popular middleweight Kali Reis (7-5-1, 3 KOs) of nearby Providence, Rhode Island fought Victoria Cisneros of New Mexico and won the vacant UBF World Middleweight Title in just one minute and 31 seconds of round 1. Kali was the winner by TKO.

Kali Reis (8-5-1, 4 KOs) Victoria Cisneros (11-19-2, 5 KOs).

Junior welterweights – 4 Rounds - Julio Perez of Marlborough, Massachusetts vs. Josh Parker of Maine. Left side of head an egg has appeared on Perez above his eye. After 4 rounds all going in favor of Perez. He won by UD with all three judges scoring it 40-36.

Featherweights – 4 rounds - Timmy Ramos of Framingham, Massachusetts vs. pro debut Tanner Dodd of Robinson, Texas. Round 1 Ramos lands a body shot twice and twice Dodd takes a knee in the round, the final body shot was too much for Dodd who just didn’t want to get back up. Referee Johnny Callas stopped the bout at 2:28 of round 1 by TKO.

Middleweights – 4 rounds - Fatlum Zhuta of Alaska vs. Greg McCoy of New Haven, Connecticut Round 1 Zhuta connected some great shots but couldn’t get the knock down. Round 3 McCoy couldn’t take the punishment after connecting with McCoy he dropped to one knee and referee Joey Lupino called a halt to the bout at 1:39. Zhuta taking the win by TKO.

Junior Welterweights – 4 Rounds - Freddy Sanchez of Worcester, Massachusetts vs. Antonio “Lino” Fernandes of Brockton, Massachusetts. Oh No. 27 seconds into this bout an accidental head-butt occurred causing blood near the eye of Sanchez. Doctor stopped the bout and it was called a no contest.

Welterweights – 4 Rounds Mohamad Allam of Holyoke, Massachusetts vs. Lionel Young of Brockton, Massachusetts. Round 2 Allam goes to the body, Young takes a knee. Allam continued on with left and rights, referee Joey Lupino called a halt to the bout at 2:07. Winner Allam by TKO.

Promoter: CES

Venue: Twin River Casino

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