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(Interview by Pattee Mak – February 2, 2016] Kali Reis (7-5-1, 3 Ko’s) of Providence, Rhode Island will be kept very busy these next few months getting ready for her two upcoming fights. The first February 19, 2016 on a CES undercard against Victoria Cisneros (12-18-2) of New Mexico for the vacant Universal Boxing Federal World Female super welterweight title. Then she’s off to Auckland, New Zealand for her next bout scheduled for April 16, 2016 against Maricela Cornejo (4-1-0, 2 Kos) of Nevada for the vacant WBC World female Middleweight title. Cornejo currently holds the WBC International female super middleweight title. Reis currently holds the International Boxing Association female middleweight title.

Pattee Mak: I’m excited to see you fighting back in Rhode Island. You were way overdue. You haven’t fought in Rhode Island since 2012 and you haven’t fought in the US since 2014. Tell me in your own words what it means to you to be fighting in front of your fans once again on the 19th Twin River Casino?

Reis: OMG IT MEANS EVERYTHING! I am so excited to fight in front of my home town, friends, family and fans!! Way over due is an understatement. LOL. Earning the title as a "road warrior" is a great experience but it can take a toll on your mental game at times. Sometimes you just need that home support.

Pattee Mak: Your opponent, Victoria Cisneros was just named. What do you know about Cisneros?

Reis: I know she fights any and everyone. She comes to fight. I've known of her for a few years now. Straight forward fighter and a true warrior. A lot of ring experience. I'm looking forward to this one.

Pattee Mak: After your fight at Twin River, you’ll be preparing for your next fight in New Zealand. What do you know about Cornejo?

Reis: I didn't know much when I first heard her name. I know she is a skilled fighter and is a tough contender in the middleweight division. When I got the call I did a little research and me and my team has the tools needed to have the game plan to take that green gold home April 16th.

Pattee Mak: Anything you’d like to say to Cisneros and Cornejo before your match up?

Reis: Nope.. Imma let my hands talk for me.

Pattee Mak: You are coming off of 2 losses. Has your trainer been doing anything different to prepare you for these two upcoming bouts?

Reis: Yes we have pin pointed a number of things we needed to work on. 2015 was a learning year LOL to say the least. Just wasn't a great year for me. I should have won those two fights. However, I wouldn't change my learning experiences at all. You learn a lot more from looses sometimes then wins.

Pattee Mak: I couldn’t agree more with your answer.

Pattee Mak: You are currently the holder of the International Boxing Association World welterweight title. When will you be defending your title and are you the first Native American world champion to hold a title?

Reis: I hope to defend my IBA real soon problem is getting someone willing to fight me for it on US soil LOL. I have an idea who might fight me now though (hey bew bew LOL). Maybe when I get back home from New Zealand I can defend all three. And from what I know, yes I am the first and only female Native world champion.

Pattee Mak: How have people in your culture perceived you?

Reis: I have a lot of support from the native communities and Indian Country. I guess you can say I am perceived as a modern day warrior. I say I "fight 4 all nations" and I mean that. Fight for every indigenous person, past, present and future, young and old. I fight for all the young ones lost, depressed and suicidal; all our culture being drowned out by colonization. I fight for all missing and murdered indigenous women; I fight for our sacred traditions cultures and history to be protected and celebrated. I take on all the hurt and pain when I enter that square circle AND FIGHT!! We as a nation of people have been "fighting" for centuries it's just in my blood.

Pattee Mak: You are becoming an international traveler/boxer. Your last 4 fights have been out of the United States. Would you prefer to fight in the US or you are just as comfortable fighting anywhere as long as you fight?

Reis: I just want to fight no matter whom, when or where. Fighting at home is a plus for me and it gives my hometown fans/family a chance to get to see all my hard work payoff live. Like I stated previously sometimes you need that home love for your mental. I’m used to fighting far away from home being the underdog and the one people like to take for granted. Kind of has prepared me for this brutal game.

Pattee Mak: Your last bout was on October 17, 2015. You traveled to Costa Rica and fought Hanna Gabriel (14-1-1) for the WBO World female super welterweight title. After 10 rounds you lost by UD. The Judges scored your bout 100-90; 98-92; 99-91. Do you feel that was an accurate score or do you feel you won more rounds?

Reis: I know I won rounds. That fight was one of the oddest fights for me. I didn't have my normal corner, it stated pouring rain (we fought outside) and there was confusion going into the 9th round stating it was the last round. Making no excuse what so ever. I can't wait to fight her again.

Pattee Mak: You are now under management with World of HAVOC, Inc, a subsidiary of HAVOC. When did you sign with them and are you pleased with the outcomes thus far?

Reis: I have been signed with Havoc for about a year now and only have had two fights far away from home with them. We are just now getting the ball rolling. I love those guys!

Pattee Mak: Thanks so much for taking the time for this interview. I’ll be looking forward to reporting your fight at Twin River.

Reis: Thank you so much for the interview I'll see you on the 19th! Don't Blink LOL!

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[The above bouts are subject to change]

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