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Brooklyn Brawl to air on Tuff TV, This Sunday, 1-17-2016 @ 10 PM ET / PT You Can Stick To This Resol

Brooklyn, NY (January 13, 2016) - The New Year is here and resolutions are being crafted as we speak. Lose that stubborn five pounds...stop using curse words so more broccoli. And we have one more to add to the list..and we at Salita Promotions guarantee you can stick with this resolution.

Here it is: make a promise to yourself to watch the latest episode of

"Brooklyn Brawl," on Jan. 17, at 10 PM.

The rock 'em sock 'em action will screen in prime-time on Tuff TV, America's first digital broadcast network to offer original programming targeted at men and the specific pursuits, interests, and hobbies they are passionate about. Viewers will enjoy watching Guinness Book of World Records entrant Alicia Ashley show that age is nothing but a number, as she skillfully battles for the WBC super bantamweight championship, against the rugged Irishwoman Christina McMahon. Ashley has now surpassed Bernard Hopkins as the boxer who most deftly has fended off the ravages of Father Time. She's 48, and great. Also, tune in to Tuff and see the US debut of skilled bantamweight contender Nikolay Potapov, a Russian scrapper who is on the cusp of receiving a title shot. NYC-area and increasingly, nationwide fight fans have come to expect solid matchups featuring contenders, rising stars and talented up 'n comers showing their stuff on "Brooklyn Brawl" promotions. The TV broadcast features the work of publisher and editor Michael Woods, formerly of ESPN Magazine. He called the blow by blow action with analyst Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller, the heavyweight prospect now in the mix as one of the top American heavyweights in the game today.

Brooklyn Brawl will premiere Sunday, January 17th at 10:00 PM Eastern and Pacific. It will also air on Sunday, January 24th and Sunday, January 31st at the same time. The show was produced by Harry Cicma Production LLC.

"We are pleased to offer our product to Tuff TV, which reaches more then 40 million TV households in the United States and Puerto Rico, and has a network of 45 broadcast affiliates in 42 television markets," said Salita Promotions head Dmitriy Salita. "Fans in LA, Chicago, Philly, Atlanta, and on and on will be pleased with the card. We look for 2016 to be another step in the right direction for our company and our fighters, who are frequently being featured on premium cable and broadcast television. Junior middleweight Steven Martinez made us proud with his recent knockout win over Jorge Melendez. Big Baby Miller, Bakhtiyer Eubov will be on Showtime January 22, and their fan base is growing in a big way. I wish all fight fans a happy new year, and ask you to log on to our website to get updates on our fights and fighters!"


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